About Our Founder

Aarian J. Forman is the Founder & Chief Creative Officer of AJ Media Solutions.  He is admired `as a creative genius, and rising marketing professional. He is sought after nationally for his knowledge and counsel concerning the creative industry, among other things. Aarian has always been different. His work and work ethic are evidence of his uniqueness. Early in his youth he struggled with understanding why he didn’t fit in. It was because Heaven had sent him to the Earth to create, and he couldn’t be a creative and average.

Now he uses his difference as an advantage. In addition, to leading this premiere creative agency, Aarian is an author, orator, marketing strategist, and carrier of the Gospel. These are just a few of the many gifts that God has graced him with. Aarian is a graduate of Tennessee State University with both his Bachelors of Business Administration and  Masters of Business of Administration from the intense and competitive accelerated program.

Some people like to live for the moment, others like to dwell in the past, Aarian prefers the future. With that thought and divine ambition fueled by his unwavering faith in God, he’s hungry and has an appetite for success and growth.

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